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Thermablok Aerogel has been making headlines for its superior thermal insulation performance, and enjoys a highly respected reputation amongst architects seeking ultimate energy efficiency without compromising the longevity and heritage of a building. The extremely slim insulation material allows breathability of a building’s envelope and provides superior energy ratings which are the benchmark for Passive Haus design and refurbishment projects.

The material has been featured by the BBC and in The Daily Telegraph article Eco Living: The Latest Green Products For Your Home and is also part of Kevin McCloud’s Green Hero column in the May 2013 issue of Grand Designs Magazine. Please see a full account in the articles below.

Publication: British Board of Agrement
Article: Certification / Accreditation Award
Date: March 2016

Certification / Accreditation Award

Publication: Buidings Media
Article: WINNER 2016 Buildings Money Saving Products Competition
Date: June 2016

WINNER 2016 Buildings Money Saving Products Competition

Publication: Passive House Plus (Eco Build & Upgrade)
Article: London Upgrade Future-Proofs Historic Building
Date: August 2014

Thermablok in Passive House Plus Magazine

Publication: Grand Designs Magazine (May 2013 Issue)
Article: Kevin McCloud’s Column – My Green Hero
Date: April/May 2013

Thermablok in Grand Designs Magazine May 2013

Publication: The Daily Telegraph
Article: Eco Living: The Latest Green Products For Your Home
Date: February 2013

Insulating internal walls has often meant losing space. However, a product made from “aerogel” – developed by Nasa for its Mars landing craft – is thermally efficient and light. Kate Calvert used aerogel in her 1860 house in Archway, north London.

“Once we removed the old lime plaster we could install three 10mm sheets of aerogel and achieve a good level of insulation,” she says. “It was important to me to retain as much warmth as possible, while allowing the walls to breathe. It was expensive – £8,000 for the outside walls – but considering our house could be as cold as 15C [59F] with the heating on, it was worth it.”

See the article on The Daily Telegraph Website here.

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