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Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim impact Panel Internal Floor Insulation.


Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim Internal Floor Insulation Board

Key Facts

    • A 13mm / 23mm ultra thin internal floor insulation panel with an impressive R-value of 1.25 (m²K/W) and an installed U value of 0.80 (W/m²K).
    • Thermablok Aerogel layer(s) with a high impact layer built in for durability.
    • Foil encapsulated to control the environment.
    • Specifically designed to be able to accommodate any finish floor system.
    • Cut, shaped and tape resealed on site to fit perfectly to room dimensions unlike vacuum insulated panels.
    • Visit the installation section and Site Works for detailed installation instructions.


Thermablok Aerogel Magnesium Wall and Ceiling Insulation Board

Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim IFI Impact Panel is a unique ultra thin, ultra high performance, direct fix internal floor insulation system for new and refurbishment properties. It delivers outstanding thermal insulation upgrades while maximising gross internal area (GIA) for home owners, occupants, developers and investors.

Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim IFI Impact Panels combine Thermablok Aerogel Blanket Insulation of 10mm or 20mm, with a 3mm high impact board encapsulated in a highly durable, robust vapour control membrane which offers a very economical, space saving system onto which any finish floor can be installed.

Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim IFI Impact Panels are ideally suited where space is at a premium and loss of head height, living area, thresholds would impact upon occupancy, comfort standards, property/rental values and required Health & Safety regulations. It further reduces the need for labour intensive excavation, dig outs and costly removal of waste to accommodate thicker conventional insulation systems. Where an increased depth of assembly is available, a conventional insulation method would be suggested, or even a hybrid system of both Thermablok Aerogel and conventional insulation combined.

Available in a range of thicknesses, giving architects the freedom to design to maximum thermal standards whilst maintaining optimum internal dimensions. These systems are also available with or without a Vapour Control Layer (VCL) as desired.

Thermablok Aerogel is also available in a specially engineered rigid, breathable composite board system for elimination of thermal bridging in walls and ceilings and increases assembly R value ratings.

Visit the installation section and Site Works for detailed installation instructions.


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