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Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) Board

Key Facts:

    - Internal Wall, Window / Door Reveals and Wall Return Board Systems available.
    - The remarkable Thermablok Aerogel 10mm Insulation Blanket is fabricated onto a rigid and hydroscopic MgO carrier board (either 6mm or 9mm) to create the thinnest unique composite insulation boards called ThermaSlim Internal Wall / Reveal Insulation.
    - Available in multiple thicknesses (16mm / 19mm / 26mm / 29mm / 39mm / 49mm / 59mm) for increasing R-values. The thinnest ThermaSlim thermal insulation board system offering an impressive R-value of 0.82 (m²K/W).
    - Manufactured in standard board sizes of 2440mm x 1220mm, although half sized boards are also available on request.
    - A fully breathable (vapour open) system that ensures a healthy, durable working building with a natural ability to absorb, control and release moisture. (vapour closed available as an option where required.)
    - Thermablok Aerogel does not rely on a vacuum or heavy molecular gases to insulate.
    - Thermablok Aerogel Blanket is hydrophobic (repels liquid molecule) and is therefore not affected by moisture or age and is a hostile environment, offering no bacterial platform for mould growth.
    - Our MgO Particle Board also provides a hostile environment, offering no bacterial platform for mould growth, unlike paper faced/wood based products.
    - Installed by way of direct, mechanical fix to the existing masonry substrate without the need for any framing system or ventilation cavity, which means even further space saving.
    - Also available is the advanced, unique and specially manufactured aggregate board priming systems to create a ‘key’ and hydraulic lime plasters to offer the most vapour open, 3mm to 5mm hydroscopic buffer plaster finish available today.
    - Supplied directly to ensure best practice.

Visit the Installation Section and Site Works for detailed installation instructions.

Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim Internal Wall / Reveal / Return and Ceiling Insulation Board System

Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim IWI Board is a unique insulation board system that is remarkably thin, offering important savings on Gross Internal Areas (GIA) and is fully breathable, semi-breathable or vapour controlled as required.

Installed as internal wall insulation (IWI) but also window reveals, party wall returns, ceilings, roof lines and in-between exposed timbers where reduced tolerances are critical.

Manufactured from Thermablok Aerogel Insulation Blanket attached to a rigid hydroscopic magnesium oxide board, it is the thinnest and most thermally efficient system available to warm up walls and arrest thermal bridging. Offering ease of installation with a single process, mechanical fix, direct to the existing substrate without need for a ventilation cavity and a perfect ‘hydroscopic buffer’ carrier board on which to apply finish plaster. Moisture will be absorbed by the hydroscopic board at times of peak humidity and either held until point of ventilation or, in a breathable system, be allowed to pass as vapour through the Thermablok Aerogel Insulation to be released through the breathable assembly.

Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim IWI Board is ideally suited where tolerances are tight such as listed or heritage details and where space is at a premium and loss of living area would impact upon occupancy, comfort standards, property/rental values and required Health & Safety regulations.

Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim IWI Board is available in a range of thicknesses for increasing R Values, giving architects and designers the freedom to design to maximum thermal standards whilst maintaining optimum internal dimensions. These systems are also available with or without a Vapour Control Layer (VCL) or Intello Layer depending on the desired vapour permeability and resistivity.

Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim is also available in a specially engineered rigid, layered and staggered composite board system for elimination of thermal bridging in floors and increases assembly R value ratings.

For detailed technical data, installation instructions and tips, please see our Technical Data section.