ThermaSlim IWI Eaton Square Refurbishment

Grosvenor Estates and English Heritage Retrofit with Thermablok Aerogel ThermaSlim.

A timely thermal upgrade of iconic buildings and properties in the heart of London. Improving energy efficiencies of properties whilst conserving space and maintaining the building’s character features.

Details Location:

Eaton Square, London SW1

Private Residency


  • Conserving living space. (Gross Internal Area).
  • Critical tolerances with fixtures and fittings.
  • Internal walls, windows and door reveals.
  • Breathability of the assembly.
  • Limited installation time.


  • A 29mm Thermablok ThermSlim Aerogel System (20mm / 9mm) – R value 1.523
  • A 16mm Thermablok ThermSlim Aerogel System (10mm / 6mm) – R value 0.82
  • Mechanically installed directly to the internal brick line of the external walls.
  • A hydroscopic buffer and fully breathable system to insulate and preserve the buildings characteristics.
  • Use of advanced primer and lime plaster finish.


  • The U-value of the walls improved from 1 W/m²K to 0.3 W/m²K.
  • The contractor experienced faster installation with a single process board system.
  • The building retained its character features and details.
  • The system provides no platform for mould / bacterial growth.

ThermaSlim IWI Eaton Square Refurbishment

ThermaSlim IWI Eaton Square Refurbishment